Outdoor Burning

For outdoor burning notifications "burn permits" in Kershaw County

call S.C. Forestry at 1-800-705-8609 to leave your information on the automated hotline.

Visit Forestry website for more info.

State Law requires notification before burning, providing adequate breaks around the fire, and staying with the fire. You may legally burn yard trimmings after meeting these requirements.

Law also states that you CANNOT burn the following items: Paint, Cardboard, Tires, Farm & Household Chemicals, Metals, Construction Debris, Dead Animals, Asphalt, Electrical Wires, Insulation, Duct Work, Plastic Materials, Treated Wood, Petroleum Products, Paper, or Garbage.

For more info visit DHEC website.

Also per DHEC regulations you can no longer burn old abandoned houses/mobile homes. Homes must be demolished and disposed of according to local regulations. Please contact Kershaw County Planning and Zoning for more information.